Association Overview

TRIZ Association of Asia is a regional representative of MATRIZ (International TRIZ Association ) in India.

The main objective of TAA are::

  • Development of TRIZ as a mean of creativity promotion;
  • Keeping memory of TRIZ founder, Genrich S. Altshuller;
  • Development of methods of creative traits perfection on the basis of G.S. Altsuller’s theory;
  • Development of creativity enhancing methodologies based on TRIZ principals.
  • Proliferating TRIZ amongst Schools & Colleges in India for a creative tomorrow.

Our activity involves, mentoring the Problem Solving, INNOVATION, Process related projects, organizing knowledge forums, Certificate courses, Promoting the concept of TRIZ as a methodology amongst Corporates & Educational Institutions.

About MATRIZ     

International TRIZ Association was founded in 1997 by G. S. Altshuller. The Association was established in order to coordinate development of the International TRIZ movement. At the present, it is the most recognized union of TRIZ specialists in the entire world. MATRIZ is comprised of 87 Regional TRIZ Organizations

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It is great to see several programs, events conducted in different cities particularly tier 2 cities like Pune, Nashik etc. This will help raise awareness of TRIZ with the folks involved in improvement work!! Course fees are also quite reasonable. Commendable work by TRIZ Asia team. Cheers!

Six Sigma Black Belt & Lean Practitioner From a Leading MNC Bank
Six Sigma Black Belt & Lean Practitioner, A Leading MNC Bank

Would like to speak to one of our TRIZ advisors?