Demystifying Strategic Innovation

  • November 23, 2017
  • Pune, Maharshtra

Demystifying Strategic Innovation


Workshop overview

One of the key aspects of the process for systematically improving products and processes is identifying the right innovation strategies. The main objective of this workshop is to introduce a new point of view on innovation strategies. The workshop is primarily focused on the fundamental tools of Modern TRIZ for product/process innovation including Main Parameters of Value (MPV) and Pragmatic S-Curve Analysis.

The workshop is based on the Modern TRIZ methodology developed by the US based company – GEN3 Partners, Inc. This version of TRIZ has been successfully internalized by the world leading corporations including Samsung, General Electric, Siemens, Intel and others.


Workshop Elements

  1. Introduction to Main Parameters of Value
  2. Introduction to Trends of Engineering System Evolution
    • Hierarchy of Trends
    • Trend of Increasing Value and S-Curve Evolution
  3. Pragmatic S-Curve Analysis
  4. Specifics of Transitional Evolution Stage – Sustaining or Disruptive Innovation?
  5. Applying TRIZ to Capitalize on Technology


Below is a brief description of tools that will be discussed at the workshop:

  • Main Parameters of Value: According to GEN3 TRIZ, innovation is a significant improvement in at least one Main Parameter of Value (MPV) those factors that drive customer purchasing decisions. GEN3 is uniquely adept at uncovering MPVs and translating them to underlying technical parameters that become the focus of innovation efforts. Maintaining this alignment with MPVs helps to ensure that technical innovation programs will yield economic value.
  • Markets and technologies are dynamic; therefore, innovation programs cannot be static. Trends of Engineering System Evolution are empirically proven directions of Engineering System development. It is believed that products and technologies evolve according to these trends that are objective and predictable.
    • On the top of hierarchy of these trends is the trend of S-curve evolution, which is defined as follows: As an Engineering System evolves, the evolution of each main parameter of value (MPV) describes an S-shaped curve in time.
    • Understanding where a product/technology is on its S-curve is critical to determining the type of innovation that will yield the best results. Moreover, anticipating how products/technologies will evolve helps to guide innovation directions that are forward looking.
  • S-Curve Analysis is an analytical tool that determines the potential of an Engineering System based on its position on the S-Curve and limits of development.
  • Transitional Stage of Evolution is a very important and critical stage for any product, because at this stage the product can hit the market and jump to the second stage of evolution where it will start generating some profit… or the product may simply disappear. So, it is very important to identify the right innovation strategy for the product which is on the Transitional stage of S-Curve evolution.
  • Applying TRIZ to Capitalize on Technology: TRIZ is a well-known systematic approach to analyze and solve complex engineering problems. This topic will demonstrate how TRIZ can also be employed to identify new areas of application for newly developed products/technologies that belong to the Transitional stage.


Key takeaways / benefits of the workshop

  • The workshop is based on the Modern TRIZ methodology which is utilized successfully in the world class corporations.
  • The workshop provides participants with knowledge and skills that can be used in their real life innovation activity right away.
  • Case studies from the actual projects will be discussed.
  • The participants will try to apply the approach learned to training problems and share immediate results.
  • Also, the participants of workshop will be able to obtain a professional follow-up support from TRIZ Association of Asia.

Who should attend?
The workshop is recommended for innovative leaders, project managers, product development engineers and strategic planners.



Dr. Oleg Feygenson is a certified TRIZ Master by the International TRIZ Association. He has managed dozens of successful innovation projects for world-class companies such as Samsung, GE, Doosan Infracore, Wrigley, Owens-Illinois and others.
Nowadays, Dr. Feygenson is a Principal Engineer at Samsung Electronics Global Technology Center, Su won, South Korea

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It is great to see several programs, events conducted in different cities particularly tier 2 cities like Pune, Nashik etc. This will help raise awareness of TRIZ with the folks involved in improvement work!! Course fees are also quite reasonable. Commendable work by TRIZ Asia team. Cheers!

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