Innovative Problem Solving with TRIZ and Systematic Innovation for Business and Management

  • November 20 – 22, 2017
  • Pune, Maharashtra

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Either at a startup or a large organization, we often face problems and challenges related to different business and management issues that cannot be easily solved. Sometimes we might know a solution but limitations and constraints do not allow us to use it. Or we do not see a proper problem solving strategy. In most cases it happens due to a conflict of demands which we also know as a contradiction: we want to change something or achieve a certain goal but something else prevents us from obtaining the result desired.

Usually contradictions are very difficult to solve without creating compromises which can be costly or which still do not bring the expected result in full. In such situations we try to apply creative thinking to “get out of the box” to resolve the conflict in the best possible way. In the recent past, our ability to quickly develop new effective and efficient innovative ideas of solutions as a response to difficult problems was considered as a gift, and a process of problem solving was chaotic and non-manageable.

These days the situation is different. A major impact on understanding innovative problem solving has been produced by the TRIZ studies which resulted in a number of practical and systematic methods and techniques supporting creativity and innovation.

A key advantage of our approach to creative problem solving is that instead of trying to randomly jump to a solution we use techniques which provide a guided search among patterns of the best innovative ideas. These patterns were collected during many years of studies. The use of these patterns provides much higher success of quickly finding a needed solution than classical methods based on trials and errors. These techniques quickly gained reputation as the best practice of innovation at such companies as General Electric, Intel, Procter & Gamble, Samsung.

Although mostly known for their use in technology and engineering, during last dozen of years the TRIZ techniques have been extended to business and management areas. The techniques can be used to define and solve problems to innovatively:

  • Improve business processes.
  • Improve quality and productivity.
  • Improve business products and services.


Everyone who is willing to empower thinking by learning a new paradigm of systematic creative problem solving and gaining practical skills with its core techniques: business professionals, business managers, team leaders, management consultants,  productivity and quality professionals, consultants in business and management, students of management disciplines, problem solvers.

If you have doubts if the course is relevant to you, please contact us and we will assess your specific situation.


At this workshop we learn about:

  • Introduction to the background and fundamentals of TRIZ and Systematic innovation.
  • Systematic Innovation process of generating new ideas and concepts.
  • Key driving forces and sources of technological innovation.
  • Fighting psychological Inertia.
  • Key TRIZ concepts: Ideality, Trends of Systems Evolution, Models of Systems Evolution, Contradictions, Inventive Principles, TRIZ criteria for best solution.
  • Basic TRIZ Process
  • Tools of advanced TRIZ.

We will learn and practice with the following techniques:

  • Ideal Final Result.
  • Multi-Screen Problem Vision.
  • Problem Perception Mapping.
  • Problem analysis and decomposition with Root-Conflict Analysis (RCA+).
  • Contradiction selection.
  • Intensification of contradictions.
  • Conflict Separation Principles.
  • Inventive Principles for solution ideas generation.
  • Ideas Evaluation and Landscaping.

Throughout the course:

  • Practicing in groups
  • Questions and Answers


  • Understanding a paradigm of systematic innovative and creative problem solving.
  • Ability to properly formulate problems as contradictions.
  • Ability to quickly generate new powerful solution concepts and ideas to solve existing problems in a systematic way.
  • Improved decision making.
  • Gaining practical skills of modern methods of systematic innovation.
  • Raising intellectual capital of individuals and organizations.


Upon successful completion of the course, you will get a certificate of International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ) of Level 1.


The fee must be paid before the course.
Cancellation is free Five weeks before the course, otherwise we retain 40% of the fee.10% discount* is applicable in the following cases:

  • Two or more participants of the same organization attending the course.
  • A course is attended by an existing customer (individual or organization) of TRIZ Association of Asia.
  • Payment of a course fee is done at least 30 days prior to a course starting date.

20% discount* is applicable to full time management students.

* Discounts are not cumulative

To know about the registration fees, please write us on


Valeri Souchkov, certified TRIZ Master, M.Sc, internationally recognized systematic innovation professional.

  • One of developers of modern TRIZ and Systematic Innovation techniques.
  • Since 1989, trained more than 6000 working professionals from over 50 countries.
  • Assisted over 100 innovative projects in different areas.
  • Introduced first public TRIZ training courses in Europe and has been running them on a continuous basis since 1995.
  • Author of more than 100 publications including three books on TRIZ, systematic innovation and creativity.
  • Co-founder and Executive Board Member of ETRIA, the European TRIZ Association
  • Vice President and accredited representative of MATRIZ, the International TRIZ Association.
  • Currently heads ICG Training and Consulting and teaches Systematic Innovation and TRIZ at the University of Twente and TIAS Business School in The Netherlands


Please note that the number of participants is limited due to practical orientation of the course.

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It is great to see several programs, events conducted in different cities particularly tier 2 cities like Pune, Nashik etc. This will help raise awareness of TRIZ with the folks involved in improvement work!! Course fees are also quite reasonable. Commendable work by TRIZ Asia team. Cheers!

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