During last 20 years, TRIZ-based Systematic Innovation has been adapted practically by all major industries. Many world leading companies such as Bombardier, General Electric, Hyundai, Procter & Gamble, Renault, Unilever and many others – both large and small – use TRIZ to solve both short-term and long-term problems, generate innovative solutions, develop future solution strategies of their products and technologies.

Samsung Electronics named TRIZ “the best practice of innovation” after the use of TRIZ resulted in economic benefits of Euro 2 billion. At Intel Corporation, TRIZ is recognized as “Innovation Platform of the 21st century”. General Electric introduces TRIZ in its companies across the world to enhance innovation and R&D.

Today, TRIZ has a proven track record in every industry dealing with innovative technology and engineering in the areas of manufacturing, innovative product improvement and new product development.

Major benefits from using TRIZ are: rapid acceleration of finding new innovative solutions, understanding innovation, solving inventive problems on demand,  enhancing personal innovative thinking skills, turning innovation chaos to a systematic and manageable process.

Based on 50 years of scientific studies, TRIZ helps to drastically improve innovation process by offering tools and techniques for systematic situation analysis, problem solving and new ideas development by combining analytical approach, system thinking, knowledge bases of invention patterns, and creativity. An overview of modern TRIZ for Technology and Engineering you can find in our white paper “Accelerate Innovation with TRIZ“.

The Course

This intensive course, which is being recognized by many top organizations as one of the best in the world, targets at hands-on intensive learning of basic TRIZ techniques and the process with TRIZ and Systematic Innovation.

The course provides an overview of modern TRIZ in order to understand what TRIZ is and what value it can bring to individuals and organizations. The course introduces a unique approach of a systematic support for every step of a basic process of problem solving: from problem analysis to solution ideas and concepts evaluation.

The course is focused on practice. During the class, the participants will work on problems to gain realistic and practical experience with applying TRIZ process and basic tools in their everyday activities



  • Methods for activating creative thinking and generating ideas.
  • History of the creation and evolution of TRIZ.
  • TRIZ objects and basic definitions (the engineering system, product, tool, super – system, subsystem, function, ideality, ideal final result, competing and alternative systems, system operator, inventive situation, inventive problem, etc.).
  • Fighting psychological Inertia.
  • Function analysis (FA) for products
  • Trimming of or products
  • Basics of cause – effect analysis.
  • Resources  and resource analysis
  • Engineering contradiction (EC) and EC resolution principles
  • Altshuller’s matrix for the elimination of engineering contradictions.
  • The formulation and elimination physical contradictions (PC).

What you get

  • Facility with TRIZ and FA objects and area/frames of application.
  • An understanding of the essence and fundamental notions of TRIZ and FA.
  • The ability to find subsystems and super – systems of specified objects.
  • The ability to formulate the main function of specified products
  • The ability to build function models for products
  • The ability to formulate trimming conditions for a product’s components.
  • The ability to build a cause – effect chain of disadvantages.
  • The ability to formulate engineering contradictions
  • The ability to work with Altshuller’s matrix for the Elimination of engineering contradiction
  • The ability to formulate and resolve physical contradictions



Those participants who successfully complete the course program & successfully pass the examination are awarded by International TRIZ Association for Level 1.


Course Fees

The fee must be paid before the course.
Cancellation is free Five weeks before the course, otherwise we retain 40% of the fee. No fee would be refunded if there is a no show form the participant without prior intimation.

10% discount* is applicable in the following cases:

  • Three or more participants of the same organization visiting the course.
  • A course is attended by an existing customer (individual or organization) of TAA.

Payment of a course fee is done at least 30 days prior to a course starting date.

20% discount* is applicable to full time academic students.

* Discounts are not cumulative

To know about the registration fees, please write us on info@trizasia.com

Please note that the number of participants is limited due to practical orientation of the course. To timely register for the course, write us on info@trizasia.com


About the mentor

  • Shree is the current Chairman of the TRIZ association of Asia a body affiliated to MATRIZ (International TRIZ association)
  • He has been involved in consulting and training interventions in Innovation, Balanced Scorecard development, Process Improvement and Quality domain
  • Shree is a Certified TRIZ User and Trainer from MATRIZ at level 3 the first one of only 4 in India, Shree Is a Gold certificate holder at level 3 from Institute of Innovative Design, Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB) , Educated on Effective Education and Problem Management Tools Based on TRIZ under TRIZ Master Nikolai Khomenko, Educated on teaching TRIZ to children aged 3 to 10 under TRIZ expert Tatiata Sudrouch and Alla Nestrenko


If you want to know more about TRIZ-based systematic Innovation, please visit our “Publications” Section.

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