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Overview of the Conference
TRIZ for X conference has the objective to celebrate the versatile nature of TRIZ. The applicability of TRIZ besides expanding to newer domains has also been utilized for various common place issues one faces in the planning, execution and competing for sustaining in today’s marketplace. Various organizations are struggling to come out with strategies to meet the revolutions of IoT & Big data analytics while at the same time meet the constant need to reduce costs. These technologies are strong enablers for fulfilling many unmet needs of the customers. TRIZ provides the appropriate lens to make sense of these technologies and provide an effective handle to understand key drivers and develop smart solutions. TRIZ has a strong practice for “doing things differently” which blends very well with innovation practices like open and disruptive innovation. Businesses are feeling the need to reinvent themselves to meet the demanding customers and markets, TRIZ facilitates the understanding of business in novel ways to facilitate changes in the present practice of doing business. TRIZ has been effectively utilized by advanced patent practitioners to facilitate circumvention. Global leaders have dedicated professionals for utilizing TRIZ in their IP practices.

  • Understand the power of TRIZ from the Masters themselves.
  • Listen to actual case studies executed in the past
  • Learn the application of FOS, MPV, Benchmarking etc…in Projects.
  • Provide an appreciation of advanced topics in TRIZ.
  • Exposure to topics with role of TRIZ in Business innovation, Patent circumvention, IoT, Big data.
  • Interact with industry peers who have embraces TRIZ, understand their way of applying or adapting TRIZ, as TRIZ is practiced under the carpet.

Senior Decision Makers / Heads of Design, Research & Development, Innovation, Engineering, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Innovation Officers, Process Heads, NPD, Six Sigma Specialist, Black belt Champions, Design Thinking Experts, Value Engineering heads, Chief Operating Officers and Chief Executive Officers to name a few & any professional who wants to know more about TRIZ & understand its influence on Creativity & Thinking.

Electronic, Auto & Auto Auxiliary, Electrical & Semi-Conductor, IT / ITES, Service Industry, Retail & FMCG, Defence & Aviation, Manufacturing & Engineering, Telecom, Chemical, Construction & Infrastructure, Government & Academia to name a few & any industry which need to know more about TRIZ and understand how to drastically crash the cycle time of problem solving.

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