Patent Inspiration

Patent Inspiration

Success in the research world depends mostly on access to knowledge. However, most companies depend upon internal and competitive knowledge. The global patent database is one of the greatest and most powerful knowledge resources of all time. Research professionals from all departments need to know how to access this knowledge effectively.

This is why, out of 14 years of research, we have created PatentInspiration with great meaningful visualizations of fully active, intuitive spotlights on your selected patent pool. It is one of the fastest ways to make sense of the thousands of patents that match your search and create insights for problem solving, innovation or new markets for your technology. It provides the great capacity to do patent analyzing, from statistical analyses to complex semantic text tools with user-friendly front ends in a patent database with 69 million records. Use PatentInspiration for:

  • Innovation research
    How to harvest inspiration to innovate any product or process?
  • Market you technology or product
    What are new applications for your technology?
  • Technology mapping
    Which universities, institutes or companies specialize in my technology?
  • Problem solving
    Which industries are solving my specific problem?

More Inspiration

MoreInspiration offers a collection of great innovations. The database is updated on a daily basis and offering visitors a fresh dose of inspiration. Very few innovations are completely new, most innovations are following one or more existing innovation direction, which can be recognized in many products across industries. MoreInspiration classifies all new products or processes according to a set of innovation directions of the AULIVE method. This makes new idea generation an easy systematic thinking process.

Our unique way of searching:

  • Classification by Industry
    What are the latest innovations in my industry?
  • Classification by Property
    Survey of the products that have changed a certain innovation direction e.g. transparency?
  • Classification by Function
    What are the products or processes that perform the same function e.g. cool?

Furthermore, you can search by a noun (e.g. rice), company (e.g. Panasonic) and technology (e.g. nano). MoreInspiration is a unique fresh dose of inspiration for product development on a daily basis. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to receive a monthly updated of the newest innovations.

Product Inspiration

How to get water out of a glass, without touching the glass?

This is a typical brainstorm question in which you can suggest a straw, heating, a sponge, and many other ways, of which typically we’ll select the best one (the easiest, cheapest, best, or safest). If you would like to know how many ways the world knows, you can abstract the question to ‘move liquid’. ProductionInspiration organizes knowledge by function, so ‘move’ is a function, and ‘liquid’ is an element of selection. This gives you 48 ways to move a liquid, including an explanation per technology, with a schematic animation. Use ProductionInspiration for:

  • Finding new ways to solve a problem
    If you normally screw a table together, you will find 20 alternative ways to ‘join solid’.
  • Finding out what technologies are competing
    If you make washing powder, you’re in the cleaning business, ‘clean solid’ reveals another 26 competing technologies.
  • Finding new markets for your technology
    If you have a new way to cool solids, the category ‘cool solid’ will give you a list of existing technologies, which are in markets where you can make a difference.
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