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Product Innovation

TRIZ Association of Asia helps to fast-track the process of innovation – whether it’s altering an existing product or evolving an entirely new platform.

We analyse and identify the Main Consumer Parameters (MPV) of the product so that all efforts are channelized only to those qualities of the product that are most important for customer. Using an innovative methodology in combination with the knowledge of experts from our Network, we provide a supreme opportunity for creating breakthrough products. In addition, using our expertise, we help clients to generate Implementable ideas to acting Prototype.

We work with clients to solve a number of strategic issues in the field of product innovation, including

* Cost Reduction
* Breakthrough Innovations
* Identifying Emerging Markets
* Circumvention of patents

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Process Innovation

TRIZ Association of Asia helps customers make breakthroughs in Manufacturing processes. We help solve challenging technical problems, and also develop concepts for next generation manufacturing platforms, to create future products and meet changing market requirements.

We help clients develop a completely new Manufacturing processes. The change in the Process could be because of the following requirements:

* Breakthrough Innovations
* Changes in the Product portfolio
* Changing Market needs
* Cost reduction

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Forecasting the Future Technology

With an in depth study of the current and future trends in technology TRIZ Association of Asia provides solutions for next generation innovations that will provide a competitive advantage for the future.
TRIZ Asia’s approach to future technology prediction involves identifying the current state of products and technologies on the S-curve, Forecasting the direction of technology development, identifying the most encouraging innovations that will lead to a sudden jump to the new S-curve.

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Intellectual Property Protection Strategy

TRIZ Association of Asia provides a number of services in the field of intellectual property (IP) protection, including:
* Circumventing the competitor patents to ensure the freedom of Operation / production and sale of the product.
* Strengthening existing patents and patent applications.

Our team of experts approach the Patent exclusively from a technical point of view, and our approach can supplement the work of the internal and external lawyers of the client.

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The procedure for training TRIZ users and TRIZ specialists on the Theory of inventive problem solving includes five levels approved by the International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ). The subdivision into levels is intended to stimulate professional growth of persons working in the field of TRIZ application as well as to create best conditions for accurate positioning of specialists in the eyes of potential clients ordering services involving TRIZ application
The levels are divided into two categories

* users (levels 1-3, Certification)
* Specialists (levels 4-5, Certification).

The first three levels reflect the degree of TRIZ knowledge. Levels four and five reflect, primarily, the effectiveness of the candidate’s activities in the field of TRIZ

Certification for Levels 1  – 3.

These are preceded by a classroom instructions and is based on results of term and course papers, completed during the training process and defended according to the specified procedure. If the candidates for the 2 or 3 level certificates do not have the previous level, then the attestation must include checking for knowledge and skills relevant to all the previous levels

Download “TRIZ Level 1 –  3 TRIZ User Certification Requirement”

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Certification for Levels 4 and 5.

The process of certification is regulated by “Provisions for TRIZ certification for Level 4″ and “Provisions for TRIZ certification for the highest level (TRIZ Master)”.
Only a person having a Level 3 TRIZ certificate has the right to request Level 4 certification. Only a person having a Level 4 TRIZ certificate has the right to request Level 5 certification.
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Specialised Training / Project Specific training.

Based on the need of the Organization / Project / Sponsor we also conduct Specialised or Customised training.

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It is great to see several programs, events conducted in different cities particularly tier 2 cities like Pune, Nashik etc. This will help raise awareness of TRIZ with the folks involved in improvement work!! Course fees are also quite reasonable. Commendable work by TRIZ Asia team. Cheers!

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