Innovation Consulting

TRIZ Asia has signed a partnership agreement with GEN TRIZ LLC. This partnership has multiplied the services of TRIZ Asia multi-folds.

GEN TRIZ is a Technical Innovation Solutions Provider that delivers a world-class product, process and packaging innovation services.

At the heart of GEN TRIZ’s innovation expertise lies a deliberate and rigorous methodology. For over 20 years, their innovation experts have continued to enhance and adapt the methodology to respond to the changing needs of the market. GEN TRIZ’s methodology is a framework comprised of a collection of analytical and problem-solving tools.

The team is comprised primarily of scientists and engineers (over half hold Ph.D.’s) with expertise and experience in the innovation process. We deliver breakthrough results by combining the power of GEN TRIZ’s proprietary, systematic innovation methodology with the leverage gained from our private Global Knowledge Network of over 8,000 scientific, engineering and subject matter experts.

We now deliver a range of sustaining and breakthrough innovation services through dedicated project teams. In addition, we offer training programs and facilitation to build internal innovation capabilities, as well as selectively develop and manage new technology ventures.

With the world-class technical innovation capabilities, clients are able to:

Improve speed to market

Reduce innovation risk

Maximize ROI