Technology Due Diligence

TRIZ is commonly used for technical problem solving and technology forecasting. There are multiple technology-related business challenges that can be addressed using TRIZ approach and tools.

Different business needs require, some adjustment of existing TRIZ tools or developing of new ones. Few of the most effective new tools are Main Parameters of Value (MPV) Discovery, Function-Oriented Search (FOS), Reversed FOS, TRIZ Benchmarking, etc.

In our approach for the Technical Due Diligence we would :

  • Rigorously analyse the product and process technologies at the core of the acquisition candidate
  • Study & Evaluate the candidate’s technology portfolio
  • Evaluate the candidate’s technologies against:
    • Market needs (current and emerging)
    • Competitive offerings
    • Current and emerging technology platforms
    • Technology development paths
    • Strength of the IP
  • Potential obstacles related to technologies
  • Search for investible technologies that represent alternative or complementary opportunities


The Technical Due Diligence, moves along the following steps :

  1. Need Analysis : We shall evaluate what market driven needs the candidates, technology addresses & what technology driven needs it could address.
  2. Competitive Benchmarking : We shall evaluate & generate a report of the candidates technology against the other available technology in the market.
  3. Technology Potential : We shall evaluate the potential of the technology using technology maturity curves and by studying the technology trends.
  4. Growth / Scalability : A detailed study and evaluation of the technology growth and scalability in the future.
  5. Predicting Failure : Study , identify, evaluate & plot the potential development failure in the technology
  6. Intellectual property : Study and evaluate the potential strength of the IP
  7. Trajectory of investment : study and predict the investment in the future for the development or advancement of the technology.
  8. Assessment of the road blocks : Study & Evaluation of potential technology-related road blocks  toward a successful acquisitions.
  9. Identifying Alternatives : Identification of investible technologies that represent and alternative or complimentary opportunity.


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