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It is great to see several programs, events conducted in different cities particularly tier 2 cities like Pune, Nashik etc. This will help raise awareness of TRIZ with the folks involved in improvement work!! Course fees are also quite reasonable. Commendable work by TRIZ Asia team. Cheers!

Six Sigma Black Belt & Lean Practitioner From a Leading MNC Bank
Six Sigma Black Belt & Lean Practitioner, A Leading MNC Bank

Positive parenting is not about the positive relationship, making kid self-reliant and growing, but, also about enhancing their creativity and thinking skill. A good Thinking child is an investment in creating an innovative tomorrow. The conversation and approach of the family in the early age of child impacts on developing thinking structures in a child. TRIZ association of Asia in association with TA Group Latvia works very closely with the Schools/ Teachers & Parents of children ( aged 3 – 8 ) to develop the skills of creativity & thinking amongst them.

Our objective is to:

  • To help the development of the child’s creativity and thinking skills through daily activities
  • Help develop problem-solving skills amongst children
  • Encourage & teach Parents and Grandparents to bring more challenges and open-ended questions in their communication with children
  • Learn some principles for independently constructing challenging questions for your context
  • Provide the participants with support materials for effective family learning developed within

Countries practicing it:

More than 2000 parents have been benefited by this training & learnings in the following countries:
Italy,  Spain, Germany, Latvia, Finland, Austria, NetherlandsThe consortium for the project consists of nine institutions from six EU Member States: Latvia, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. It also involves three associative partners: the European Parents Association, the Ministry of Education in Brandenburg and the Turkish Lifelong Learning Centre

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Project I 2011 I Multi-Screen Model – Part 1

Project I 2011 I Multi-Screen Model – Part 2

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