TRIZ as a “How to”, drug for Innovators.

Any organization worth its name is seized by the need to innovate, do differently in a scale which matters. Technology changes , environmental concerns and a general increase in customer awareness, bought about by the social media have made this need stronger.

Organizations have responded to these changes by having a closer look at all aspects of the value chain.


The many flourishing management initiatives like NPD, TOC, Design Thinking, Six sigma, New Business Models are under pressure to deliver more and differently.

These initiatives generally could be targeting a business process (NPD, Design thinking) or problem to be solved. (Six sigma, TOC). The initiatives related to business process and problem solving generally lay down the process or steps to be followed. These have found great success in many companies in the past. However, with a change in the” nature of the beast” (innovation challenge) there is are new pressure on these techniques. Problems of “are we solving the right problem” and  “ how to” achieve a solution are areas where organisations face challenges.

Enter TRIZ, with one of its focus on developing a universal theory for solving problems situation it offers a much needed helping hand, to strength in core areas of problem identification and solution development not addressed by other techniques fully.

TRIZ is unique in its ability to codify the problem situation and thus promising to provide a guaranteed way of solving all/most problems!

TRIZ also deals with trends and gives a peek of what one could expect in the future.  Both these TRIZ knowledge areas could supplement and enhance the scope of any of the initiatives underway in organizations.

Author: Suresh Rajan, Consutlant TRIZ Association of Asia

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  • Thank you Suresh for setting TRIZ in relation to other solution finding methodologies. Indeed, TRIZ provides some unique benefits to innovation challenges. Challenges are manifold and diverse, therefore every approach has its strengths and weaknesses for different applications. No need to be ideological about one or the other.

    I am looking forward to seeing some of your experiences with TRIZ and other approaches, preferably by means of specific examples.

    By the way, do you focus on classical TRIZ, only? Or have you also been investigating into recent further developments of TRIZ?

    Best Regards from Berlin

  • Thank you, Tom, for your feedback and comments.

    Yes, I agree with you each of the modern tools six sigma, TOC, Design thinking, used by firms have a “zone” wherein they work best.

    In my experience, I have found TRIZ to provide guidance for seeking fundamental solutions and more out-of-the-box solutions compared to say six sigma or value engineering.

    I had been involved in development of a high-speed submersible pump where in DFSS was used as a vehicle for product development. DFSS helped in providing toolboxes to help in arriving at the optimum design parameters. Submersible pumps require a feature of preventing initial failure associated with particle ingress. Providing this feature left us designers to use our own wits. Later when I got introduced to TRIZ it occurred to me that TRIZ provided me a way to represent features as resolving “contradictions” which TRIZ had a proven method of resolving.

    In general I believe TRIZ could compliment six sigma and other techniques making the solution more “right” and robust. In fact TRIZ Asia is organising a conference, “TRIZ for X” on this theme.

    Hope to interact with you on this and many more topics in the future.

    Best regards,
    Suresh Rajan
    TRIZ Level 2 User

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